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Last year Tamzin co-starred in the Indie film, Copenhagen, and I’ve got I’ve recently just finished the film and have made 125 HD captures of Tamzin from the film for you guys.

It’s a really lovely and moving film, if you haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet – it’s now available on VOD and Netflix.

Tamzin and Cam are teaming up to create AMERICAN VIRGIN, a short film about American life in the small town of Louisiana, Shreveport. The film is currently being funded on Indigogo and there’s a bunch of perks to still be claimed!

The fundraising goal is 10,000$ and 17 days left there’s over 2100$ raised! There’s still signed S1 Salem DVD’s for giveaway (signed by the cast) as well as other great perks for donating. You can donate right from here by clicking on the Indiegogo link below:

We donated to the cause and I really hope you guys do too. For more info on American Virgin you can visit the Indiegogo page.

Season two is upon us, Heathens and photos are beginning to appear out of thin air. The first photos came into the hands on Entertainment Weekly and now IGN has shared some as well. I’ve got both sets for Tamzin uploaded to the gallery.

Once I’ve got HQ’s, these versions will get replaced with the better quality ones.

Today is Tamzin’s 28st birthday and that’s a big year for anybody! I want to take this time to celebrate it with all of you, from far and wide and all ages. Tamzin’s been a wonderful light and inspiration to many lives, myself included, and I know many of you fans feel the same. She is incredibly sweet and supportive and I can’t thank her enough for all that she does. I hope she has the happiest of birthday’s and another amazing year.


WGN America has released a creepy new teaser for the second season, which finds Anne is a slightly unusual position, even for her. Salem returns