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Only one more episode until the insane season finale, the trailer for which I’ll be sharing shortly. Anne’s about to let loose and it’s bound to be terrifying. Sadly there wasn’t as much of Tamzin in this past episode but I’ve still got 64 HD captures from last night’s episode.

Only 2 episode left until the Salem season finale and Anne’s finally learned the truth about her family. What does this mean for Anne and how will this new revelation affect her future in Salem?

I have 166 HD captures now uploaded in the gallery:

Anne got herself into a bit of a situation tonight, and now that she’s onto her Father what will she do next? And will she be able to repay the favor and help Alden?

I’ve got 181 HD captures from tonight’s episode now uploaded into the gallery:

My first Salem update, yay! So we got lots of Anne/John/Cotton brotp going on in episode 9 and they’re a trio I truly enjoy watching, hopefully we’ll see more of them working together in the future. I’ve got 154 HD captures of Tamzin uploaded in the gallery, which you can find by clicking the pictures below!